TIM people

Concise figures¹

[G4-9] A summary of the numbers relating to the Group people can be seen in the table below:


Total personnel on payroll61,22565,864(4,639)
Agency contract workers431
Total personnel61,22965,867(4,638)
Non-current assets held for sale - abroad-16,228(16,228)

Excluding personnel concerned with non-current assets held for sale (Telecom Argentina Group) and agency contract workers, the Group’s workforce has decreased by 4,639 units compared to December 31, 2015.

These changes are due to:

  • entry into the scope of consolidation of the company Noverca (24 people);
  • net turnover (net of changes to scope) down by 4,663 units, as detailed below by individual Business Unit:

(units)RecruitedDepartedNet change
Other activities3955(16)

The people in the Group, net of those relating to “Non-current assets held for sale” and agency contract workers, can be broken down in various ways:


detail by BU
  Recruited  DepartedInternal transfers
Group +
Internal transfers
Group -
  Total change
Brazil1,9205,113  (3,193)
Other activities13638-19(16)

TIM Group: Distribution by professional category and academic qualification

Distribution of employees and new employees by geographic area

(units)31.12.201631.12.2015Change (16/15)

Distribuzione delle assunzioni del Gruppo per area geografica

(units)31.12.201631.12.2015Change (16/15)

For more information on the characteristics of Group personnel, please refer to the appendix to this chapter, which, in compliance with the requirements of standard GRI G4, gives the specific KPIs [G4-10], [G4-LA1], [G4-LA3], [G4-LA6], [G4-LA13], [G4-LA9].

As detailed later, and stated in the respective KPIs, policies for hiring, training and developing employees are implemented in the communities in which Group companies operate; furthermore, in reading the KPIs, note that:

[G4-10e] TIM does not use self-employed workers to go about its business activities, although it is possible that, on an occasional basis, some consultancy type activities may be entrusted to self-employed professionals;

[G4-10f] The Group’s activities do not vary seasonally, hence changes in the workforce are correctly shown by the annual trends;

[G4-LA3a] All employees are entitled to parental leaves                             

1 Unless otherwise stated, the data shown in the tables contained in the Our People chapter relate to all the Group companies (see Sustainability and Governance/Reporting).