TIM people

Internal communication

In 2016, given the constantly changing operational context, internal communication undertook a process guided by two fundamental principles:

  • the conversion of traditional channels into more innovative, Web-centric, ways of fostering two-way communication, promoting the exchange of ideas, dialogue and discussion between members of the corporate community. The guiding criterion is the engagement of people, so as to be able to count on their energy and motivation;
  • the “narration” of the company’s actions and activities, supporting the dissemination of information in a clear, direct, simple and widespread way, through ad-hoc communication plans for each project.

Here are some examples of the initiatives undertaken:

  • communication of the strategy: production of videos and publications in which the Chairman and CEO clarify the Company’s strategic actions, inform people of future steps, reassuring them about the strength and consistency of the actions taken. In addition to these, there is the series of 5 domande a [5 questions for] videos of interviews with top managers to disseminate the Company’s commercial strategy. New videos in the series are released on a monthly basis and posted on the Web TV, which can be viewed on PCs and using the App;
  • information campaigns about cross-cutting company projects, particularly development and smart working plans, with the aim of informing colleagues about initiatives that have an impact on their professional lives;
  • support for the rebranding process, with targeted internal communication actions for Italy and Brazil;
  • “Job Center” communication plan: video-storytelling, intranet publishing activities, drafting of post-interview information materials, to support the Company’s professional retraining process.
  • benchmarking of internal communication with 15 companies in various industrial sectors, with the aim of comparing ourselves to internal communication trends and best practice;
  • strengthening of the positive tellers network, implemented through meetings and targeted actions, with the aim of supporting institutional communication with actions to disseminate shared information;
  • launch of “Idea sharing”, the internal crowdsourcing contest allowing colleagues to propose projects and win the opportunity to implement it with new resources and dedicated time;
  • launch of Web Tv, the high quality internal video channel, practical and extremely easy to use, even with a smart phone;
  • launch of the TIM People APP, the APP version of the Intranet, with the 15 most recent news items and a number of utilities for employees (viewing of clocking-in/clocking-out times, sickness notification).

In Brazil

In Brazil, 2016 saw a number of important People Caring & Communication initiatives intended to promote integration between colleagues in the workplace, promote the band and develop attention to employees in all actions and campaigns.

During the course of this year, we also set up an internal marketing communication plan and actions to introduce employees to the new TIM brand and its market positioning, allowing them to fully understand their role and contribute to this new stage in the company’s development.

Another significant moment in 2016 was the transfer of the company’s main office. This activity required new forms of communication to be devised to notify people of the various changes and the positive impact on employees in their work. The area strategy involved the creation of a specific newsletter, written in a friendly and youthful style, to mitigate the doubts and resistance of the parties involved.

Furthermore, 2016 also saw initiatives to disseminate news about the company, including Flex Office and Integrated Communication.

The People Caring & Communication Department launched a campaign to increase the company’s caring activities and flexibility, mobility and use of technology programmes, so as to directly affect the quality of life of employees, their opinions and their perception of the company.