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TIM promotes various digital literacy and inclusion initiatives in schools supporting innovation in education, an important lever for the social and technological development of the country. The two-year project “Using ICT in schools, with TIM” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MIUR) involves teachers from schools of all types and levels in 18 Italian regions.
Value generation contribution
shared value
12,455 €mln*
shared value
14,006 €mln*
* Estimate of the economic value (i.e. revenues) and social value (i.e. lower costs or determination of the impacts) obtained by the application of the TIM shared value model to 22 projects in Italy. This value is validated by PwC.

In the current “knowledge society”, knowledge has taken on a key role, both in economic and social and political terms: research and innovation are behind the development of this emerging type of society. A key role is played by the universities and schools in supporting and fostering the direct application, optimisation and use of knowledge generated by training, through constant synergy with businesses and other local stakeholders.


In 2016, TIM defined a new development model of relations with the educational ecosystem (the academic world, schools, business schools, institutional and social entities), thereby further enabling the optimisation of talent for the transfer of innovation. The goal is to strengthen and accelerate the Group’s ability to innovate while at the same time contributing to the development of young people by offering them the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences. Partnerships were therefore activated or consolidated aimed at generating value in the short/medium-term, making know-how available to develop and train the younger generation.

The “TIM-Network Scuola Impresa” project, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Education, was set up in 2009 to transfer key skills, scenarios and evolutionary trends in the sector       to students, promoting the image of the company across the country and enhancing the Company’s  skills by promoting its dissemination externally. From  2009 to 2016, 8 editions  of the TIM Network Scuola Impresa (School Business Network) project have been held and the 9th edition is currently in progress for school year 2016/2017, involving 24 schools and 23 teachers of TIM, the “Maestri di Mestiere” (Masters of the Profession). Moreover, in 2016, with a view to further strengthening contact with the world of school and helping enhance the competences of secondary school students, we chose to adhere to an experimental project of Alternanza Scuola Lavoro (school-work alternation) with Assolombarda in 4 Milan-based secondary schools.

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3.3 million euros
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