Being sustainable at TIM

Social risks

Beyond the risks common to any large company, associated with labour exploitation, which are meticulously avoided, within TIM, by a management system that starts with the Group Social Responsibility Policy available at and trade union agreements, and is based on detailed monitoring procedures that required the presence of workers’ representatives), the social risks most closely connected with the telecommunications business come from:

  • breaches of network security and privacy systems, with consequent access to personal and sensitive data, to mitigate which TIM has equipped itself with a specific organisational structure and skills to predict and combat such breaches;
  • use of telecommunications services that causes harm to the mental and physical well- being of children or of anyone who lacks sufficient protection, which is mitigated by TIM through a series of actions described in the Digitisation, connectivity and social innovation/ Customers chapter, under Child protection;
  • discrimination of some subjects who, for geographical or social/cultural reasons, do not have access to Internet and to the benefits it brings with it. TIM implements digital inclusion by developing its infrastructure and spreading the digital culture (see Digital culture).