Enviromental protection

Climate change

[G4-DMA Economic Performance] There are many signs of climate change which we can already measure and that are summarized every 6 years by Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN climate committee.

Today we know a great deal about the climate change issue:

  • the planet is warming and will continue to warm in the decades ahead;
  • human activities – in particular the combustion of coal, gas and oil – are the main cause;
  • floods, droughts, heat waves, or what experts call extreme events, are intensifying in different parts of the world in an erratic manner and they are undermining the idea of the stability to which we are accustomed, resulting in destroyed communities, economic damage to people and entire production systems, as well as, unfortunately, deaths and injuries.

According to studies conducted by the IPCC1 the planet is warming (by just under one degree as a global average) and we are heading towards an average global temperature rise which, by the end of the century, if we do not act decisively, may even be 4°- 5°C. Therefore, in addition to policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to limit future damage, mobilisation at all levels is required, by citizens and companies, regions and national governments alike, to put in place actions to respond to the challenge of climate change.

The Group’s approach to the fight against climate change is based on three synergistic levels of action:

  • reducing their own direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • limiting the emissions of other sectors and customers in general by supporting virtualisation and the provisions of services that promote new ways of working, learning, travelling and living;
  • contributing to disseminating a culture based on a correct approach to environmental issues inside and outside the Company.

1 www.ipcc.ch