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12,455 €mln*
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14,006 €mln*
* Estimate of the economic value (i.e. revenues) and social value (i.e. lower costs or determination of the impacts) obtained by the application of the TIM shared value model to 22 projects in Italy. This value is validated by PwC.

Officially founded in 1585 and transformed over the centuries into a modern and internationally acclaimed symphonic and concert institution, the National Academy of Saint Cecilia in Rome combines an academic body of 100 members, which includes the most illustrious exponents of musical art and culture, with a symphony orchestra and choir among the most renowned internationally, while preserving an immensely rich historical heritage, reflected in its centuries-long history.


The PappanoinWeb project stems from the consolidated partnership between TIM and the National Academy of Saint Cecilia, created to promote culture by making innovative use     of the Web, encouraging the dissemination of high quality content and the socialisation of classic artistic experiences, involving audiences and innovative content distribution channels. Since 2011, the TIM Group has been interacting with Internet audiences to share the cultural values of the country, including classical music. All the concerts are streamed live and made available on demand on the website. The project is aimed both at young people, allowing them to approach and appreciate cultural themes like classical music, and the not so young, who, attracted to the Internet by cultural content of interest to them, gain familiarity with digital technologies, understanding their potential.

The 2016 edition of PappanoinWeb was structured into four appointments, with the direct participation of the web public who, thanks to the dedicated live chat and above all the innovative WebArena, a privileged place close to the orchestra, kitted out technologically by TIM and reserved for a young public aged under 30, were able to attend concerts, for the first time ever using mobile telephones and tablets during the events, with no limits to internet connections, the sharing of photographs, selfies, video clips, emotions and real experiences. Over its six-year programme, PappanoinWeb has been followed by 200,000 users connected by streaming, generating considerable interaction on social media.

Since 2015, the on-line user experience has been further enhanced by new viewpoints thanks to the potential of “360° panoramic” filming technologies offering close-ups of the orchestra and conductor, thereby giving the web spectator the sensation of actually being present in the room.

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Education and training - Participation in cultural activities
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220,000 euros
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Cultura digitale

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