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Tim netbook: a way to improve transparency in the development of network infrastructure and encourage the development of digital projects

[G4-DMA Indirect Economic Impacts] In order to make the effective development of broadband and ultrabroadband networks even more transparent, from 2012 TIM published the TIM Netbook, which accurately and meticulously tracks the "progress achieved in the work". The TIM Netbook is a publication that shows the Country and the main stakeholders the state of the network with extreme transparency, clarity and precision, using data and maps to illustrate the size and structure of the TIM infrastructure, the evolution in terms of exchanges (which are increasingly connected by fibre-optic cables and fitted with new generation equipment for managing broadband traffic) and broadband network coverage in each individual Italian province. From 2016, the focus was placed on the analysis of the ultrabroadband infrastructure with the inclusion of data on the new generation networks, the extension of which represents the goal for the years ahead. In addition to the annual edition in interactive PDF format, quarterly monitoring in “open data” mode was added.