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Gender balance

[G4-DMA Equal Remuneration for Women and Men] Like all sectors whose core business is closely linked to the research and development of new technologies, in the decades following the wars, telecommunications continued to have a mainly male workforce in terms of its engineering and technology maintenance staff. As women have embraced the world of work and, in a parallel fashion, scientific and technological culture and studies, their presence has gradually grown within companies, seeing them take on more important roles with higher salaries. In TIM S.p.A., for example, the female workforce has grown by around 8% in 15 years, and on a Group level, in this same period, by around 9%.

Despite this, there is still a long way to go before true gender balance can be achieved. This is why in TIM

  • the Group’s By-laws require the least represented gender in the BoD to account for at least one third of the total number of directors, rounded up to the next unit in the event of a fraction;
  • the current development model pays close attention to ensuring that individual growth paths, starting from the time of employment, do not contain any restrictions relating to gender or age differences, and particular attention is paid to the female component, where skills and performance are equal.


Members of the Board of Directors by gender and age

Men < 30000
Men 30 -50224
Men > 50894
Women < 30000
Women 30-50110
Women > 50555


Members of the Group’s professional categories by gender and age

Senior ManagersMiddle ManagersOffice Staff/WorkersTotalSenior ManagersMiddle ManagersOffice Staff/WorkersTotalSenior ManagersMiddle ManagersOffice Staff/WorkersTotal
Up to 32 years0206,9907,0100229,8999,92102210,60010,622
From 33 to 456187815,61716,556871,08118,01619,1841131,27119,82321,207
Over 457123,72833,21937,6597583,68232,31936,7597553,42030,01234,187

The generational imbalance is mainly due to the Italian component that, due to adverse market conditions and in order to guarantee work for its employees, has in the past renounced the generational renewal comprising new important hiring campaigns.