Involving initiatives

Use of the suppliers’ portal (Vendors Hub), launched at the end of 2011 to improve communication and optimise operational processes by applying social networking systems to the business context, is now well established. The portal now includes around 3,900 enabled vendors on the application platform.

The portal allows suppliers to access a private area to view important data and events connected to their relationship with TIM and manage all their own details, thus improving the smooth operation and transparency. The Vendors Hub also includes a public area containing information for potential suppliers.

Documentation is exchanged electronically (e.g. offers, purchase orders, contracts, qualification documentation, surveys), thus reducing the environmental impact resulting from the use of paper, transporting and storing documents.

For the tenth consecutive year, the Group’s main suppliers have been involved in the survey on satisfaction with the Purchasing department and, more generally, with TIM. The online questionnaire, consisting of 28 questions, remained active for 3 weeks. The analysis involved 1,047 active suppliers in the Vendors Hub, with a participation rate of 53,6%. The overall assessment of the supply relationship with the Group achieved a score of 81/100 confirming the positive satisfaction of 2015.


[G4-DMA Non-discrimination], [G4-DMA Child Labor], [G4-DMA Forced or Compulsory Labor], [G4-DMA Security Practices], [G4-DMA Indigenous Rights], [G4-DMA Supplier Human Rights Assessment].


2016 results and 2017 objectives: Italy

% suppliers audited.Total amount of high risk suppliers who have undergone an in-depth sustainability audit since 2010 .80% of high risk suppliers, as defined in the paragraph on “sustainability initiatives”.80%80%
% of suppliers assessed.Suppliers assessed with a basic ethics questionnaire. Moreover, suppliers belonging to risk sectors are assessed with a more complex questionnaire .100% of qualified suppliers, as defined in the introduction to the section.100%100%
  % procurement staff who received training on ESG risks relating to purchasing decisions.% staff directly involved in procurement, who participated in at least one training session on social, environmental and governance matters.90%92%80%
% contracts containing clauses connected with ESG risks. 100%100%100%
% suppliers with ISO 14001 or equivalent certificates. 50% of network suppliers.79% 50%
  Integration of the ESG risk profile in the general supplier risk profile.All the suppliers qualified and registered in the register of suppliers are assessed based on an overall “Key Risk Indicator” which also includes sustainability indicators.100% of qualified suppliers, as defined in the introduction to the section.100% 100%


2016 results and 2017 objectives: Brazil

 Supplier management.Number of the main suppliers assessed under sustainability criteria. 200 433 250

1 The number of high risk suppliers varies year on year, as it depends on the orders made every year and the procurement market in which the suppliers operate. The same applies in general to the total number of suppliers belonging to the various procurement markets.

2 The KPI refers both to new suppliers and to existing suppliers in case of renewal or extension of their qualification.