Enviromental protection


Paper for office and commercial use

Group breakdown by Business Unit (%) and % variation compared to the previous 2 years
Non-recycled and non-certified paper purchased for office usekg10,700100%0%
Recycled paper purchased for office usekg2,01740%60%
FSC certified paper purchase for office usekg167,03387%13%
Total paper purchased for office usekg179,75087%13%
2016 v. 2015(37)%(37)%(40)%
2016 v. 2014(49)%(49)%(48)%
Total paper purchased for commercial usekg2,844,70272%28%
2016 v. 2015(30)%23%(67)%
2016 v. 2014(26)%56%(68)%

Purchases of paper for office and commercial use (telephone bills) continue to be directed at product types that meet the highest environmental standards based on the responsible management of forests according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC, see fsc.org) requirements.

The reduction in paper consumption for office use shown in the following table is in line with a historical trend resulting from work done to raise awareness about the responsible use of paper in the workplace and rationalisation of energy use through the “printing on demand” project, which provides for the use of shared high performance printers and printing methods that save energy and consumables. Moreover, towards the end of 2015, TIM was involved in Olivetti’s Cloud Printing project to deal with the need for the technological renewal of printing equipment, with the aim of optimizing printing processes and as a result reducing the costs. The new printing equipment has high energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Activities continued with the aim of achieving overall reductions in the use of paper for business purposes, including the promotion among customers of electronic invoices and statements.