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Digital culture
Development goals
Quality education
TIM’s commitment
TIM promotes various digital literacy and inclusion initiatives in schools supporting innovation in education, an important lever for the social and technological development of the country. The two-year project “Using ICT in schools, with TIM” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MIUR) involves teachers from schools of all types and levels in 18 Italian regions.
Value generation contribution
shared value
12,455 €mln*
shared value
14,006 €mln*
* Estimate of the economic value (i.e. revenues) and social value (i.e. lower costs or determination of the impacts) obtained by the application of the TIM shared value model to 22 projects in Italy. This value is validated by PwC.

The TIM College offer sets out TIM’s commitment to bring technology into Italian schools. The offer is aimed at people under thirty, with a focus on target students aged 14-18, and is intended to boost digital schools, providing a valid tool to help young people in their training and studies. 


The pack consists of a tablet, digital content to study at home and a monthly connectivity bundle. TIM was the first telephone operator to launch this type of offer, entirely dedicated to students, on the Italian market in May 2014.

In addition to the tablet (the latest tablet model, a Samsung Galaxy TAB A 10.1, 2016 ed.), the offer includes 4G connectivity with a data traffic bundle of 5 GB per month and a series of educational contents in digital format for young people aged between 14 and 18, including an English, French, Spanish or German De Agostini language course and a Redooc maths course, both lasting for 30 months. The offer is completed by 21 classics of Italian literature, 3 manuals, a 50 euro voucher to buy digital school books at scuolabook.it. 

In 2016 TIM expanded its digital school offer by complementing the student offer with an exclusive dedicated to teachers, seizing the Teacher Card opportunity, a 500 euro bonus which MIUR makes available to Italian teachers for their training and professional development. The TIM College Pack - Teachers Special was launched in March 2016. The package on sale in TIM shops consists of: a tablet chosen from some Android models available, digital content for professional training (books, a sector journal and an online e-learning course which issues training credits) and a connectivity data bundle free for 3 months.

In 2016, 944 packs in total were sold.

The Digital School offers proposed by TIM in recent years have contributed to the spread of technology in the digital school area in an attempt to push for a new approach to study and training using more modern methods.

The adoption of digital text books not only promotes digitisation in the schools, but has   also resulted in around 8,655 tonnes of paper being saved, with a resulting reduction in CO2 emissions from paper production, and a saving of approximately 261,000 tonnes of water.

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Social need
Education and training - Participation in cultural activities and economic well- being
Social value
40,700 euros (in bonuses distributed for the purchase of school books)
Business value
754,385 euros (revenues from sales)
Economic shared value
795,085 euros
Materiality matrix
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Tutela ambientale
Cultura digitale

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