TIM Group

Chairman’s Letter

According to a rather popular saying: “There are two ways to deal with change: suffer it or embrace it”.

While encouraging people and companies to challenge themselves by pursuing innovation is always a good thing, this motto may convey the idea that change is a kind of tidal wave that will overwhelm everything in its path.

Change is not something that needs to be remedied, it isn’t a misfortune. Change is the natural state of things, it has been happening constantly, relentlessly, since the beginning of time. The best thing we can do is intercept and understand that change, so we can cultivate it and ensure it continues to bear fruit, taking a new path towards sustainable economic growth, one that will keep us at the centre of the new innovation economy, which is a source of continuous improvement.

The Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to which we have long been committed, can only make complete sense if viewed from this perspective. These are not undertakings that responsible companies decide to give temporarily, but a new way of doing business where, in the new market economy, everything is interconnected and interdependent.

The principles of human, social and environmental sustainability require that profit is achieved with respect for the interests of the various stakeholders.                                    

[G4-1] It has always been true that to make a profit we need to do something useful. Our Corporate Shared Value system sets out to produce a certified measurement of our commitment. This year it amounts to around 14 billion euros, including both the business and social value of our domestic activities.

TIM’s existence and operations are again shown to be essential and supportive, responding to the emergencies which hit the country in 2016. In emergency situations, ensuring communication is fundamental: our relationship with the Civil Protection Department has always been extremely close. We were on the front line of installing new lines, boosting mobile signals, providing free Wi-Fi in the main emergency shelter sites and LTE coverage in disaster areas, as well as boosting services in the various local coordination centres. TIM also made available its “With You We Do” crowdfunding platform for the "Un aiuto subito" initiative, which helped to increase fund raising for the people affected by the earthquake.

Internally, we launched a significant organisational simplification process, with renewed attention paid to our customers, so we can continue looking to the future, without fear, tackling the fourth industrial revolution with enthusiasm and optimism. An optimism that stems from confidence in ourselves, our values, our abilities and our energies. Because they are values, abilities and energies that exist in the communities we inhabit, of which we are part, and for which we feel responsible. Every day with a little more awareness.

Every day with a little more desire to keep growing and building the best of all possible worlds together.           

Giuseppe Recchi