Being sustainable at TIM

Information and training on human rights

[G4-DMA-Reporting due diligence on Human Rights-bAfter publication of the Policy a classroom training course was organized and attended by representatives of the various company departments. The course was run by an external company with expertise in sustainability issues1 and was attended by the General Manager of Amnesty International Italia.

Moreover, an online course was prepared for everyone in the company, available on the e-learning platform since the end of 2015, with further invitations to participate in 2016.

Both the workshop and the online course highlighted, among other things:

  • what Human Rights are and the main international Institutions that govern them;
  • businesses and Human Rights, focusing on any impacts their activities may have on Human Rights;
  • the importance of businesses that operate in the telecommunications industry in the defence of Human Rights;
  • TIM and Human Rights: what can be done - in the case of doubt - by individuals of the Group who perform sensitive activities for the defence of Human Rights;
  • how and when to use the reporting mechanism.

Activities are under way to adapt this to the reality in Brazil and translate the course into the local language in order to allow all the employees of TIM Brasil voluntarily to use the information contained in the online course easy and direct.