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Environmental protection
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Good health and well-being
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TIM, together with external partners and research activities, such as JOL WHITE, offers innovative e-health solutions (e.g. Nuvola IT Home Doctor, Cassiel 2.0) designed to improve the Italian health service and the effectiveness of healthcare.
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12,455 €mln*
shared value
14,006 €mln*
* Estimate of the economic value (i.e. revenues) and social value (i.e. lower costs or determination of the impacts) obtained by the application of the TIM shared value model to 22 projects in Italy. This value is validated by PwC.

The computerisation process within the Italian Medical-Healthcare context has undergone huge acceleration in recent years. Hospitals, Private Clinics and Radiology Centres adopt digital diagnostic systems, but this quite often happens in a way that is not in keeping with current legislation.


The great advantages offered by computerized architecture with respect to the simple paper management of workflows have a counter side, namely everything to do with ensuring the integrity and authentication of digital documents. While in a situation where paper is king, the signing of a document and its conservation in a simple paper archive were a guarantee of integrity and authentication, in a fully digitised environment the need arises to identify appropriate methods and structures.

This scenario covers the legal archiving service for health-related documents, designed with outsourcing logic, which enables remote management of the historical archive in accordance with the provisions set for diagnostic tests (images, reports, personal data, etc.) relieving the organization of complex and costly operations.

The state-of-the-art in IT Radiology in Italy reveals a variety of situations in which technologically innovative environments alternate with those in which technological innovation is but a mere mirage. The distribution of these scenarios is not easy to classify and it envisages great excellence above all in big cities.

The reference market for the dematerialisation of diagnostic tests and reports on the Italian market can be valued at around 50 million diagnostic tests and just as many reports, generated by over 1,500 public and private inpatient facilities (845 public inpatient and care facilities; 706 private facilities; 124 public outpatient clinics).

With Nuvola IT Image Archiving - Plus TIM has set itself the objective of providing public and private healthcare facilities with a service capable of meeting the requirements deriving from provisions on the conservation of healthcare documentation. And represents the answer to the need for dematerialisation and conservation in accordance with diagnostic tests (digital DICOM Tests) and documents in the healthcare context (reports, certificates…) to make them available over time, ensuring their authenticity and integrity.

The service is provided in accordance with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model in the Cloud, based on techniques and methods that ensure compliance with market standards in the healthcare context (DICOM, Hl7, IHE). 

Access to the documents by healthcare operators occurs through authentication and profiling, through a simple and intuitive graphic interface.

The Digital Conservation service (Compliant Conservation) for healthcare documentation will form part of the “Saas” services for PAs, which make up Lot 1 of the PCS Cloud Framework Contract. 

Significant and tangible economic/organizational advantages:

  • Cost reduction and
  • Legal fee concessions
  • Complete technological management
  • Logical and physical security
  • Establishment of a historical/legal archive  as required by current legislation
  • “Externalization” of compliant conservation procedures
  • Guaranteed  availability  and  accessibility  of  the  content  of  documents for document viewing and administrative transparency purposes
  • Creation of workflows to support the internal organizational processes of Entities
  • Scalability of investments
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Social need
Protection of the environment and landscape; Research and innovation for companies
Business value
264,000 euros
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