Digitisation, connectivity and social innovation

Research and innovation in e-security

TIM is involved in research and innovation regarding cyber security and more generally the security of information and networks.

Activities carried out in 2016 included the following:

  • the definition and development of innovative enabler prototypes for the security and privacy of future 5G networks under the scope of the participation in the 5G-ENSURE (5G Enablers for Network and System Security and Resilience) consortium funded by the EU with the H2020 programme. The consortium aims to study, define and test the security and resilience measures of the future 5G networks for a 5G Security Architecture;
  • the integration, for test purposes, of a system of analysis of the security of Android mobile apps, under the scope of a project financed by EIT Digital1 ;
  • the pursuit of activities for the security of mobile apps and mobile devices;
  • the study and development of new security analytics to be used with visual analysis tools and security big data platforms;
  • implementation of various scouting and testing campaigns on innovative security solutions;
  • the pursuit of the activities overseeing and guiding mobile security with participation in the works of the GSMA Fraud and Security Group;
  • the collaboration, within the scope and 3GPP2 SA3 SECAM3, for the definition of the security requirements and test methods on devices for 3GPP standard networks and those for the security of 5G infrastructures;
  • pursuit of cooperation launched in 2013 with EIT Digital under the scope of the Action Line Guide to Privacy, Security & Trust;
  • participation in the works on the newborn ECSO4 to guide development of a European ecosystem on cyber security;
  • the development, in the context of ETSI5, of the works of TC CYBER focused on cyber security;
  • the study and development of models for the management of security on telco cloud platforms for IT and network services;
  • the development of IPR 6.

1 European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
2 The 3rd Generation Partnership Project.
3 SECurity Assurance Methodology.
4 European Cyber Security Organisation.
5 European Telecommunications Standards Institute.
6 Intellectual Property Rights.