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TIM believes that economic and social sustainability is based on actions that promote gender inclusiveness and as such it has set up 20 company daycare centres and 1 nursery school for a social value of over 1.3 million euros; #TIMgirlsHackathon to help bridge the gender gap under the scope of scientific culture, for a social value of 260,000 euros.
Value generation contribution
shared value
12,455 €mln*
shared value
14,006 €mln*
* Estimate of the economic value (i.e. revenues) and social value (i.e. lower costs or determination of the impacts) obtained by the application of the TIM shared value model to 22 projects in Italy. This value is validated by PwC.

TIMgirlsHackathon is a wide-reaching project that  can  involve  young  women  drawn  to the world of technology and who wish to see how they measure up in an area that often tends to be reserved to their male counterparts. 


#TIMgirlshackathon comes as part of the TIM digital innovation route and seeks to bring the female universe closer to coding, to help bridge the gender gap under the scope of scientific culture and, more generally, STEM, not  to mention the fact that the unemployment rate of programmers and computer technicians more generally, is today close to zero. A marathon lasting around 7 hours to introduce school girls to coding. The challenge is to create a real App on a pre-established topic in one day and without any expertise. A challenge that has been made possible thanks to TIM and the tutors assisting the students on this adventure. A training day outside the classroom in a stimulating and challenging environment where there is the opportunity to meet exceptional Mentors, a tribute to female leadership that has been able to tear down prejudices and cultural constraints.

The topic of #TIMgirlsHackathon is cyber bullying and the informed use of the web. The challenge is therefore not only to learn to code but also to rise to the challenge and try to find a solution to a widespread problem amongst the younger generation.

In 2016, eight events were held in the cities of Venice, Turin, Naples, Catania, Padua, Florence, Cagliari and Bari, involving around 500 girls from secondary schools. In all events, all participants were successfully able to complete development of an app prototype.

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Social need
Access to culture, education and training. Reduction of inequalities
Social value
260,000 euros
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