Being sustainable at TIM

TIM Commitment

[G4-DMA Assessment] Between 2008 and 2011, TIM was a member of the UN Global Compact Human Rights Working Group set up by the Global Compact Board in 2006 with the aim of providing a strategic Human Rights input to the Global Compact.

Since 2012 TIM has been a member of the Peer Learning Group on Business and Human Rights, set up within the Global Compact Network Germany.

In 2016, the Peer Learning Group performed the following main activities:

  • webinar in March on the topic of “observing the undertakings set out in the policy on Human Rights through training and raising awareness”; 
  • meeting in June on “Human Rights due diligence in the supply chain”; 
  • webinar in September on the topic of “attuning the future business strategy with respect for Human Rights”; 
  • meeting in November on “access to the remedy in practice - understanding and improving the reporting mechanism (with the participation of the British, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and German Global Compact Networks). The meeting will be held in the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Geneva).

Note that, given the cross-cutting nature of Human Rights with regard to the Group’s stakeholders, this paragraph covers the [G4-HR3], [G4-HR8], [G4-HR9], [G4-HR12] KPIs of the GRI G4 standard. The Digitisation, connectivity and social innovation chapter sets out the [G4-HR1], [G4-HR4], [G4-HR5], [G4-HR6], [G4-HR7], [G4-HR10] and [G4-HR11] KPIs, while the

TIM people chapter sets out the [G4-HR2], [G4-HR4], [G4-HR5], [G4-HR6] and [G4-HR7] KPIs.