• The business continuity management

    [G4-EC7][G4-EC8]  TIM pays attention to Business Continuity1 a key element for protecting the value and reputation of the Group in delivering its services/products and in full compliance with the terms of its contracts with customers, industry regulations and, more generally, in accordance with the relevant international methodologies and standards.

  • Digital inclusion

    [G4-EC7], [G4-EC8] In order to deal with the digital divide that has arisen in the so-called marginal areas of Italy, which would otherwise remain excluded from the mainstream plans of telecommunications operators, owing to the low profitability of investments, between 2005 and 2016, TIM implemented a programme of extraordinary investments allowing ADSL coverage (gross coverage1> 70%) to be provided for approximately 7.7000 municipalities in total (4.350 more municipalities than December 2005).

  • Presence of the Group in Brazil

    [G4-EC7a] A focus on innovation and investments in new infrastructure and technology also characterise TIM’s action in Brazil, a country where the Group has been operating since 1997 through its subsidiary TIM Brasil and which is the Group’s second biggest market.

  • Smart services

    [G4-EC7], [G4-EC8] In the context of public sector services, in accordance with the Italian Digital Agenda¬ (ADI) and European Directives, in 2016 TIM consolidated and streamlined its offer of Smart Services (a range of services for energy efficiency and digital services in urban areas), Urban Security (new services dedicated to security, the environment and optimal energy management) and the Digital School.