• The corporate governance system

    Some aspects of the Group’s Corporate Governance which are particularly relevant (material) to the reporting of sustainability in accordance with the GRI-G4 guidelines are briefly illustrated below. For a more detailed and comprehensive description see the 2016 Report on Corporate Governance ("RCG") and Share Ownership, the Report on Remuneration ("RR"), the Bylaws and the Group Governance Procedures, available at telecomitalia.com.

  • Opportunities and socio-environmental risks of the Group’s operations

    [G4-2], [G4-14However, as we have repeatedly stressed, although telecommunications can make a significant contribution to improving the environment and quality of life, ICT services aimed, for example, at reducing energy consumption or tele-medicine, account for a small percentage of the turnover of telecommunication companies. However, they are seeing positive growth rates and are likely to be widespread in the future.