• TIM people

    The people who work in the Group are the figures with the greatest interest in the success of their relationship with the Company and, with them, the trade union representatives. In the same way, the families of employees are significantly involved in this relationship and, to a lesser extent but in any case to an important degree, the communities within which the Telecom Italia people go about their daily lives.

  • People caring

    TIM believes that being an inclusive company, one that is able to take care of its people, to create solutions that put everyone in a position to give the best of themselves, is the basis for economic and social sustainability.TIM places great importance on acquiring internal awareness of inclusion and valuing diversity. For this reason it sets objectives, currently relating above all to awareness and dissemination, which are measured by means of internal surveys.

  • Health and safety

    The Health and Safety at Work Management System implemented by TIM ensures that the Company complies in full with national legislation and agreements reached with trade unions; it also establishes numerous initiatives aimed at ensuring increasing safety for workers.