• Due diligence on the human rights of the TIM Group

    [G4-DMA-Reporting due diligence on Human Rights-aAs of 2012, TIM has been involved in the Company Coaching and Capacity Assessment on Business and Human Rights, organised by the Global Compact Network Germany, as part of which the OCAI1 (Organisational Capacity Assessment Instrument) for Human Rights due diligence in companies was also illustrated (expressly required by the “Guiding Principles”).

  • The Group’s human rights policy

    [G4-DMA-Reporting due diligence on Human Rights-bThe purpose of the new Policy is to make respect for Human Rights an essential requirement in the performance of the operational activities of TIM.. In Italy as well as in foreign companies, the Group has set up processes through which it undertakes to respect Human Rights and has identified those that may be negatively influenced by the Company’s activities, such as: